I'm really shy and nervous to talk to him. What should I do?

Ok so there is this guy in my class for the past three day Monday through Wednesday he kept asking me for my number and i kept saying no. i said no because the way he asked he was playing around and kids were laughing and i didn't want to give it to him so i told him to leave me alone and later towards the end of class two of my friends said dang bri u just shewd him I explained to them will everyone was playing around and i didn't understand why he wants my number and they told me what if he wasn't playing around what if he's for real the next day he asked again and i asked him why does he want my number and he said to talk i asked him about what and reached my hand out for his phone to put my number in it but he just shock his head no. he's not a guy I would typically go for as in looks but everything else about him I like he's a nice guy and he's not ugly ether. its almost prom and I don't have a date and i think he wanted to ask me. plus on Thursday i gave his best friend my snapchat and i over herd him trying to give it to the kid that was asking for my number I don't know what he said or if he took it or not but when I was walking to class I asked to kid did he really give him my snapchat? he said no so im assuming he didn't want it I then asked him was did he really want my number of was he messing with me because to me it felt like it was a joke and my friend said yes he really wanted my number he wanted to talk with me I felt really bad because i never realized that and i think i hurt his feelings because he doesn't even talk to me in class anymore I've always kinda wanted to date him and i like him a lot but i'm shy when it comes to guys plus i've never dated anyone nor have a kissed a guy before at lunch on Friday i caught him starring at me and im to nervous to go and talk to him now because i feel so bad he might not wan to talk to me anymore or what if i was wrong and he does not like me? what should I do I only have one chance to talk to him and its i


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  • just talk to him

  • if you wanted to date him, then why didn't you give him your number the first time he asked for it. so what his friends or whom ever was laughing or joking. Maybe they where trying to make him feel comfortable.

    • and it is never too late but it might not have left a good first impression on him.

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