Do I have a right to feel like this? I feel like a fool, I feel played.

I had this crush on this guy. We saw each other almost every day. He was always so nice and caring and I noticed him looking at me that's why we started talking more and more. He started calling me beautiful and he would find a way to talk to me and if he couldn't, he would go out of his way just to say hi. He then started hugging me every time he saw me and would keep his arm around my shoulders or waist.

I added him on FB and we started messaging here and there. He would become more flirty online rather than in person and I thought he was just shy. Then he sent me a message about us going out, getting together and I said yes but nothing happened. Next time I saw him he was cold and distant and I even asked him if he was mad at me. Next he's the same nice and caring guy.

Then one guy was hitting on me and he noticed, he got jealous and asked for my number while telling me how beautiful, amazing, whatever, I was. Didn't hear from him in a week so I thought he was just playing and started to ignore him, he noticed it and avoided me. He then started texting me telling me I looked beautiful, asking me if I still cared about him and when he was sure I wasn't mad at him, he starting approaching me again. Once when we were texting I texted him 'Yeah that's why I like you, I just want to give you a hug'. He didn't reply until a day later 'Yeah I would like that hug'

His behavior didn't change, or maybe a little, he kept hugging me, being nice and caring, but somehow he was tense. And I decided to check his Facebook, I noticed I was blocked from his wall but his birthday publications from last year were there. I noticed one girl posted 'I love you hun' and he responded 'I love you too'. Long story short: he has a girlfriend and has been living with her for two years.

He doesn't know I know and I have no plans on telling him, but I feel like a fool, I feel played. I even made him a get well present when he got sick. I feel so stupid.
AHAHA! I just ran into him and his girlfriend... They were holding hands and the moment he saw me, he let go of her hand. Well, there is the closure I needed.

PS: Doesn't matter how much I like him, I don't mess with people relationships.


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  • Unfortunately this is not that uncommon and doesn't get better as men age for the most part. If you think you have a thing/ connection with a guy and it isn't progressing within say a month or so there is a reason and it doesn't matter what the reason is. It isn't going anywhere. He is getting something from it while you are wanting more. Don't ask why just move on... best


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  • However you feel, you don't need to justify your feelings. Nonetheless, having your trust abused so horribly can shake a person to the core, and I don't think anyone would question you feeling extremely bitter about that has happened.

  • Ahh, classic fuckboy scenario. Never ceases to amuse me.

    In all seriousness though, you do have a right to feel that way. He's a piece of shit.

    • Haha the bitterness in me agrees with you... Well, you live, you learn.

  • nop, you are not.. he has a past and he didnot mentioned it to you.. you should ask him about his exs and discover the truth behind it.. you should clear the obstacles first then decide what is better to be with him or not.

    • No I don't want to be with him. He has a girlfriend and is living with her.

    • then just continue your life.. never look back

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  • Oh my god what a complete dick!! You should cut him out of your life completely. Yes of course you have the right to feel like that, he played you and if I were you I would feel the exact same! There are so many more better people out there for you, don't let this experience put you off. I think you need to cut him out of your life completely. Delete his number, block him on all social media and just cut him off. If I were you I'd probably tell his girlfriend too. She'll probably find out anyway. I'd say you got out of that one lightly. From the way you described him, he sounds a bit dodgy. It's okay to be feeling the way you are, it's completely natural so don't worry about it!


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