Physical contact on first date + what do they mean?

this is how things started: smiling and eye contact for roughly 1 month; facebook friends; asked for my number; texted almost everyday+3 causual hangout;1 official date

I went on the first official date with guy today, during which we hugged, cuddled, held hands and before parting he asked if it was too soon to kiss me and i said yes so he just kissed me on the cheek twice. He said that he likes hugging me. When we cuddled, he smelled my hair a lot.
Are these type pf physical contact appropriate for the first date? What do these mean to a guy?

How do you know if a guy likes "your look" or "you?"
he said that had planned for a while to talk to me cuz i was always with my friend. He said he thought i was cute and wanted me (what does this mean? not sure if in a sexual way...), then i replied: " i hope thats not the only reason.."; he said:"i think you are real".
The other day. he asked if i trust him enough because he remembered at some point during a hangout i said it felt weird (i didn't mean it in a bad way tho). I said i will explain in person then he replied: " yes please do tell me because i want to know how yoy are feeling"
Now we text almost everyday about 1~2hrs

during the date, he kept asking if i was having a good time, and said if i find cuddling and hugging annoying i could tell him
Plus, it didn't feel awkward at all when we are not talking... good sign?


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  • Physical contact is normal on a first date and cuddling, hugging, and smelling ur hair r generally acceptable. But it really depends on the girl and if she feels comfortable. If u dont like the things he does then tell him. Getting close and touchy feely with each other is an indicarion that a strong bond between u is forming, but only if it feels comfortable. It may be the case that these things happen, but u may feel weirded out or u feel uncomfortable. This just might be u nerves, but if there isn't a connection its just simply not there. A spark between 2 people either happens or it doesn't and there really isn't anything u can do unless of course its just being nervous or shy. It seems that ur relationship is movin slowly and progressively, but certain elements r missing. These elements hav nothing to do with u by the way, but i can see things that he can improve on. But generally i think the realtionship is good and hopefully u can find that spark.


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