If you haven't heard anything from her for a week, you should stop?

She said she will call and text me but it's been a week and I didn't got any message from her...


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  • How long have you known her? If you just met her, you should stop. If you've known her for a while, give her a quick reminder via call. If nothing after that, then stop.

    • We knew each other for a year and six months.

    • Give her a quick call. If nothing after that, then she probably wants to be friends and it letting you off easy (as much as I hate to say it). I'm also assuming this is for a date?

    • We are not couples but we fell for each other. No it's not for a date just for meaningful conversation because we are distanced for now.

  • Depends on your situation if she is your girlfriend or an acquaintance or friend


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