Hot girl from bar , long running frustrating situation and not sure what she wants?

some point a while back i meet this girl at a bar i go to on saturdays , it was a while ago and not sure exactly when we first meet but its been a long running situation and always seem to see her at that bar. i think she knows that i'm interested in her.
her behaviour has been really weird and sometimes i seek her out and other times she appears near me and is either dancing with other people or dancing near me. and has been various nights where this has happened. i think she likes the attention and she appeared jealous when i was dancing near another girl.
but i'm just not sure this is going anywhere as i've only seen her at that bar when its busy and don't know much if anything about her life. she's also really good looking like Marilyn Monroe good looks , she's blonde and early 20's and has this look and personality to her that is very appealing. i think that if she wasn't this good looking i'd likely just try and forget about her but the times she was dancing near me and i was close to her i just wanted her so bad and to be with someone of her level isn't that easy to come by , i haven't tried to ask her out , did ask her once if she wanted to get a drink with me but she said no but may of been a case of bad timing on my part.


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  • Make a move.


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  • Try again to buy her a drink. Start a conversation with her by saying "hi". Introduce yourself to her. Compliment her on her looks. I am sure she would love to hear you think she looks like MM.


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