So last week I asked my crush to be my prom date. upon me asking he smiled and had a cute little laugh and said maybe. what does that mean?

ok so what happened was; I told him I was about to ask him something stupid and crazy, then I told him that I had an extra prom ticket and wondered if he would like to go with me to prom?( I really do have an extra ticket bc my school won't let my friend bring her girlfriend to prom so she gave me the ticket and told me to ask him and go for it)
He then did like a cute little laugh, smiled, and said maybe. And he said that he had actulay been thinking about going this year. I told him that was fine and to just let me know when he made up his mind. We haven't talked since then. My girl friends are telling me to not text him and let him think. I know they are right but I don't know what to do.


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  • He is either still figuring out his feelings for you or he had planned on asking someone a and didn't want to offend you


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  • he'll probably say yes don't worry


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