Am I unknowingly playing games when it comes to love?

I'll literally spend months to years thinking about a crush and talking about him to family, friends, etc. hoping that the feeling mutual. But then, when it comes to the guy actually admitting that he likes me too, I back out.

Like was this just my way of seeing if he liked me too? Like why would I spend all this time hoping he likes me just to do nothing about it when he does

This has happened many times. I'll fall for them and get them to fall for me, but then I can't bring myself to go through with what I've started. Maybe my feelings changed for them by then? I'm not sure...

Please, no bashing... I just need answers or whatever advice you can give me 😔


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  • maybe you should actually just try with one to see how it feels make a commitment to see it threw even if you don't like them anymore

    • When I do commit to someone, I am absolutely committed, believe me. Its just I rather not date someone if I see (before even dating them) that I've already lost interest in them by the time they started liking me

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    • hey if they don't meet your standards what can you do fuck em :p not literally of course i am still single to because i am picky i don't like lose women but what can you do eh

    • Lol you have a point haha

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  • If you're not sure how would we know? Its your feelings you should know better. ^^

    • True, but have you ever felt this way

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    • Well if we both like each other, I dont fear rejection. I just fear that "we" won't be as great a couple as I hoped

    • That's it. Told ya, you know better ^^

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