Dating fellow cop/close friend?

Hey guys.. So I've been speaking to this guy for a while now and there's some delicious heat going on.
I learned that he also wants to be a cop and go to the same college as I am, so chances are, we'll be renting a place together, but not as a couple..

If everything falls into place, we'll be going to the same college and academy (less than a year). But would it be smart to date? Or even be coquettish with each other and have sort of a fling, but without the sex? It's hard to explain what I mean, but as in like teasing each other without actually doing anything. We're pretty close and we kinda do that, but we both joke around it. By that I mean saying **** like, "Oh, no goodbye kiss?" and then he'd come back and try to lay a sloppy kiss, but I'd smack him off or something like staring him down when he's shirtless. Playful stuff like that.

I was told no because work and our studies might get in the way, we'll be rooming together and it's not a good idea, don't date your fellow coworker and stuff like that

Any input is appreciated! Feel free to ask any questions.


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  • You seem like an intellectual lady. If you don't feel it appropriate to share room with him, then do it with a friend (usually women get pared up together).


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  • Yeah, you shouldn't date a coworker.


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