My new boyfriend took down his photo's but won't take his profile offline just yet? Normal standard online dating deal if it is still early days?

I recently became 'exclusive' with this guy I met online. He was the one that asked me to.

I suggested that we should take our Online profile down but he only took his pictures off. Suggesting I do the same.

A bit confused about this and wondering if he is still keeping his options open.

I have kept my photo's up and he got funny about it the other day and brought that up after I questioned him about something else I had concerns about. That got sorted but.

I might just mention it quickly to him again and try not to make a big deal about it. We are still early days which is probably the main reason he still has it up? It could be a way to test me as well... For all I know! Not sure.

Pretty sure I have nothing to worry about it. It does make me wonder though!

Hence the question. Opinions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I feel like a bit of a hypocrite going on about this when I still have my photo's up. I barely go on there anymore myself.

He seems like a decent guy so might take them off later on today and still leave my profile on as well.

Like I said before it still makes me wonder though.


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  • I'm sure you understand that a new relationship with two well-intentioned people can go sour after a few weeks and, in fact, most relationships are not successful, so he is probably motivated by fear and, yes, wanting to keep his options open.

    With most online dating sites, you can hide or inactivate a profile so that it is not visible to others but it can be reactivated at any time without recreating the profile. Inactivating the profile is a sign of commitment which confirms what you already did when you agreed to be exclusive. Therefore it is a bit contradictory and confusing for him to keep his profile active.

    (I am currently dating a lady I met at an online site, we agreed to date exclusively, and I inactivated my profile. I do not get contacted by anyone but the site still sends me daily emails notifying me of "new" matches.)

    • I reckon you are right with that one. Oh yes. Very well aware of that, that is why I have not harped on about it to much with him. Trying to stay as cool and calm about it.

      Guess time will tell if it lasts or not and he may take it down in a few months time when we get more closer if things keep going well.

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  • There's a possibility that you two may not be long term, so if you aren't, you have a profile there that is already made when you want to go back to dating.

    • That is true. I had a feeling that may be the case and that has happened to me in the past. Hopefully I have found a good one this time around.

      I am not harping on about it which is good. Just need to relax, go with it and if things are still going well and we've gotten closer in the next few months. Hopefully then he takes it down.

    • I understand, but it makes sense to me why he would propose it. I would think once you two get serious that you it would be deleted once and for all.

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