Would you feel jipped in my shoes?

OK so my boyfriend of 4 years is 28 we are long distance for a little while because of a job offer he got. When I save up more money I'm going to move down there with him. My birthday past last week and he sent me a t shirt in the mail that was probably $20 tops. When it was his sisters birthday last month he sent her like 3 shirts a book some candy and some shoes meanwhile his own girlfriend of 4 years gets one T-shirt while his sister gets 4x that amount. Its not that I'm materialistic or anything if he sent his sister just a shirt I wouldn't think anything of it but it is based on principle. Obvs he could afford to get me more than a T-shirt because of how much he sent his sister not to mention he is basically saying without actually saying it that his sister means more to him than his own girlfriend because of all the stuff he sent her. It seems like it would be the opposite that your long term partner would make out better if anything. I just can't help but be hurt by that. My best friends and mom say they would be hurt in my shoes as well to. What should I say to him to bring up that I'm hurt that I feel like he went all out for his sisters birthday but jipped me. I mean just a t shirt is something you might get a friend who isn't that close of a friend not the person you are looking to spend the rest of your life with. Oh and before you guys ask for his bday I mailed him money a couple shirts his favorite cologne and some food.


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  • I would simply bring it up by telling him that you felt like you didn't get anything meaningful while his sister got so much more than you.

    You're worth more than a simple T-shirt. Or that T-shirt better have come from H&M and be worth 500 bucks. ;D

    But seriously, I would just open up the conversation with "I've been thinking..."

    The ONLY thing that I could think of to let him slide would be AT THE TIME of your birthday, he was very short on cash (last week).


    • But after 4 years you think he would feel comfortable enough to tell me if he was short in cash you know. Yeah I agree with the rest I think I'm just going to bring it up casually to him

    • That is true. Maybe he was a bit too embarrassed or something.

    • He shouldn't be though after 4 years if he doesn't feel comfortable by then then maybe there are more issues in our relationship than I realized

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