If he likes me, why is he ignoring me?

Ok, so I was talking to this guy for while and things were going great. We talked every night, he said how much he liked me, and like I said, it was going great. He's been cheated on 3 times by 3 girls and went through a depression mode and hasn't been with a girl since he got better. We hung out a few weeks ago and he only kissed me on the cheek, and didn't try and hook up which was great because it showed he respects me and wants more than a hook up. But after we hung out, he just stopped talking to me. But the day after we hung, he told my guy friend we were a thing, even though he was ignoring me at that time. For about a week, he didn't talk to me and when I texted him he would reply, but then stop. During the point of him ignoring me, he told the same guy friend that I had "moved on to another guy." So I texted him telling him that I didn't and that I didn't know what made him think that. He replied "I wanted to see if you'd move on or change if I ignored you, and I'm glad you didn't." But after that text, I replied and he STILL didn't answer. So I texted him a week later saying to tell me straight up how he feels and if he doesn't have feelings for me, to let me know. He said, "Yes I still have feelings for you and I haven't stopped thinking about you but I'm just so busy and my dad said I need to focus on grades and football and if I keep concentrating on girls my social life is over." So I replied, "Summer? Lets just see if we still have feelings for each other in a month." and he didn't reply. We haven't spoken in two weeks and he's always posting on Instagram, so I don't know why its so hard for him to send a few texts. I gave him the opportunity to tell me the truth, but he still said he has feelings for me so i'm still confused about what he wants. Like I said, he has trust issues cause of past heartbreaks. What do you guys think? I also am seeing him on May 31 for an event, and school lets out right before that. Do you think we'll become a thing again?


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  • Then he probably doesn't like you.


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