Dates too spread apart...

I met a guy back in the end of August. We texted a little and didn't end up going on a date until the end of September. Then we didn't go out again for another 2 weeks. And then after that, another 2 or 3 weeks. And now it's almost been another two weeks since we last went out. Why so spread apart? I would like to get to know him better but it's hard with all this space in between. If he wasn't interested, why would we take me on 3 dates?


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  • has he said that he needs to move really, really, really, really slow?

    if not, you're probably one of several girls he's seeing at the same time. he sees you one week, sees mary the next week, sees tina the week after that, then he's back to you...

  • There are 3 possibilities, 1 he seeing over girls ( the most likely one ), 2 he's like me and has not seen someone for months, but when you do see them it feels like you talk to them yesterday, 3 he wants to take it reallllly slow.


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