How come it bother guys when they see you don't care?

I told this guy I will never date him and actually I do. He admitted he talk to other girls but don't date them, im aware of that! So he tells me on whatsapp he about to call somebody. "I don't care who you call we ain't dating I don't like you I have no control over who you with or wanna talk to" that's basically how I sounded when I replied. For Another 10 more minutes he kept talking about he don't know if he gonna go to sleep or call somebody but its 11 45 at night. I shows him I don't care but I really do but why it bother him when he claim he don't wanna be with me after I told him I will never date him, when I actually want him. if you gonna call somebody don't spend another 10 minutes talking about it trying to get me to get mad or care. he didn't respond to my last message I basically said I don't care and told him to call who you gone call. I don't wanna be apart of the hoe crew im not easy and I dont give in I wanna make sure you willing to make some changes because words don't exist over action


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  • I will never understand this logic, there's no hope for this to go anywhere. Find a new guy and start over

    • I seen nothing bad of him he proved to be honest but I got my heart on lock you gotta talk more than words... guys want hoes these days. He's brutally honest I never had to find anything bad about him but it's the point of me not caring when I really do if I let you know I care right off you gone take advantage of it

    • If a girl pretends not to care, I won't be thinking "I bet she's doing this to get me to chase her" my thoughts are "she doesn't care"

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  • If you said something like "I don't like you" then obviously that's going to sting. Why wouldn't not caring bother a guy

    You're playing crazy games. When it comes out that you're not being honest you're going to look an ass. No one cares about how easy you are or think you are but honesty is important so you might want to look into that.

  • What are you looking for a medal? SO the rest of GAG can nod along with your preconceived notion of you not wanting to be a "hoe" as you have so eloquently stated.

  • don;t play games like that... it could hurt u in the end...

    • But when I know you talk to many females why would I not separate myself from the party club im all about action

    • Then give him the vagina so he can get somewhat attached

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