How to ask a girl out at work?

Pretty self-explanatory, but just to give a little insite. I noticed this girl on my breaks. Sometimes I think I'm catching her looking at me but might be nothing. Reason being is that we share a common background. She was born in Philippines but I am a Canadian with a Filipina mother. I'm just afraid of talking to her about a country I don't really know... would rather get her to go out with me on a date. I've encountered this in the past where I think the girl is interested but just wants to talk about culture stuff... but to be fair this is only girl born outside the country. I've also never talked to this girl, mainly because some of her friends already don't like me simply because I am only half Filipino... but others love me because I am half FIlipino. The closest to a conversation with her is a few times where she said sorry to me... maybe she thought she was in my way or something. What do you think? Any ideas? What would you do

We are also both in our early 20s... she's so hot and tiny.
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  • Be VERY careful trying to date a coworker. You're almost literally playing with fire when you do that. At least in the U. S., all it takes is an allegation of sexual harassment, and you're done. That being said, the safest thing to do is probably to gather a group of coworkers together and go out for drinks. Let her know she's welcome to join the group as well. If you really hit it off with her when you're out for drinks, take it from there, but unless/until that happens, assume she has ZERO interest in you.

    • This sounds like gold to me. Thanks.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Kinda dicey, start by reading your HR policy on the company's stance if you value your job.

    Even if mutual some companies have strict policies on this, others just need to be notified and may make you change departments.

    If she says no or you breakup you still have to see her. Best

    • It's a factory job, and we are in different departments. None of the paperwork I signed mentioned this sort of thing... but I see what you mean. Thanks.

  • You say hey wanna grab a bite to eat !!! Nobody can deny food


What Guys Said 1

  • 1) It will most likely hurt your career
    2) Just go for it the worst that could happen is that you lose your job
    3) Talk with her and invite workplace drama


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