Girls, do you agree with this girl giving guys dating advice?


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  • i can't believe i watched the entire video!!! she should speak faster henceforth!

    1) well, employment is really important, because obviously, i don't want the person i am dating to slack all day. i want him to work as equally hard as i plan on, after studying. and no, i certainly don't need security from him... i just can't tolerate laziness, that's all.
    2) a patient heart that listens is always appreciated. it is true, i don't want to be judged or want to judge my significant other. i want to feel comfortable enough to be able to share absolutely anything with him
    3) sex,.. sure. but it is not what seals the deal for me.
    4) smell, hygiene, kissing... definitely. it is understood.
    5) fidelity,.. again understood
    6) gifts... i'd rather have a thoughtful letter or a video clip than an extravagant gift
    7) making me laugh... sure. but not making fun of me constantly

    my own__
    8) compliments... but not every other second
    9) intellectually stimulating. i want to have good discussions with him. and i want him to understand my work, or at least try to understand
    10) should be mature and know how to act, when

    on an unrelated note, the view from the window is fabulous! so is her hair!

    • this is the most helpful advice! i agree this video and i will do exactly what she has said.

    • thank you!

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  • She talks way too slow. I can't watch this. I heard 1 advice and that was 'don't be judgmental, but that one is pretty obvious. She doesn't seem very clever so I would look up someone else on youtube and come back with the same question.

  • *falls asleep, drooling on keyboard*

    Hi welcome to GaG, how can we help you?

  • Sorry tried to watch this but he blah blah blahing has me hahahahahaingšŸ‘

    Girls and guys are ya with me?


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