How to hook-up with a white girl as a 5'6" ethnic guy?

I might be not tall, but I have an aesthetic physique and face (at least for my race standards).


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  • Could you be more fucking specific? Why should anyone answer someone who is still concerned about race? Man I am white as fuck but its people like you wasting others time on gag when you are wondering weather or not your race should be able to hook up with a white girl.

    • yeah seriously he doesn't even post a picture just expects us to imagine his mysterious race what a load of insecure bull shit

    • My height bro...

    • height can't possibly be that big of a problem you dope. Many girls are under 5' 6“ anyway

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  • How does ANYONE hook up? The fact that you're 5'6" and ethnic doesn't change the basics

    Not sure what you're asking...

    • It's more challenging when you're 5'6"

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    • "Weed out" as in don't hook up with/remove from possible dating pool/etc :p

    • makes total sense good...

  • lol you're like me! there's no hope for us might as well commit suicide.

    • I'm 5'6.5" and I'm being generous with myself yea we're shorties and we suck. time to die.

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    • say's your own subjective opinion. If you're so above average looking post your picture and prove it instead of being such an insecure wuss.

    • Actually, that's what others told me, I've no fucking clue about how I look like to others. :)

  • Just go out there dude.. how else are you suppose to hook up with people?

    • It's more challenging when you're 5'6"

    • I'm 5'5" even shorter than you are and I do alright out there...

    • I am not sure what you mean by allright

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