This woman agreed to going out with me again?

Well basically a woman i asked to do an activity just her and myself the first time and she agreed and leading up to the day we texted back and forth and she seemed very enthusiastic over text. Then after the first date i called her asking for a second one and she agreed but i mad the date for 2 weeks later because I made plans for the weekend in advanced and i had told her and she wanted to see me in the week last week due. each day that she asked i was busy. Anyway my schedualed cleared last week and i told her i was available to do something with her if she still had something planned. she pushed it to this week which i said no problem. and I also texted her yesterday if she was still on for Saturday that we had planned? she said she is still up for it. So i don't know if she thought i was making an excuse not to see her which i was not. I was really busy all week in the evening. So i don't know. She replies to my texts as soon as she recieves them but i dont know she seemes a bit short with me. I met this woman recently and we only been on one "date". I did text her on the days i was busy to show i am still interested.

But she still agreed to go out with me again, so I take it there is still some interest in there somehwere.
Any advice i could use?


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  • She is definitely still interested. Have fun on your date!


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