What is the sexiest thing a girl said or done that made you realize she is the one or she is awesome?

Let's keep it not sexual please.


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  • Other than the trust and respect and love for each other, there was one moment for me that sealed our fate... About 4 years into our relationship we took our first long distance flight together. I fondly remember trying to tick her off by fighting for the window seat…obviously…one look into her eyes was enough for me to surrender. About 2 hours into the flight we had fallen off to sleep and I remember her reaching for my arm (think she was feeling cold)…. she threaded her hand through my jacket, up and over my arm before resting her palm on mine... She then lightly tugged my elbow forward and placed her head softly on my arm and with a few head cuddles nestled in a comfortable warm position…. i glanced at her and i felt like to trusted me completely (its almost like i could feel her trust in my veins). I just watched her sleep the whole flight... and although my arm was num as hell (and pretty much ready to be amputated, hahaha), i didn't want to move it... i never heard the pilots voice, passengers or even engines... i knew then that she was the one i was going to spend my life with... just a simple act that sealed my love for her forever...

    • This is so beautiful :')

    • Thank you, even today after all those years i still love looking into her eyes and telling her "I love you", its the best feeling a human being can experience... thanks for mho

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  • She had a lot of guys chasing her, and told me about them all before we ever flirted.

    A guy gets excited when a girl does this, because if she didn't have thoughts about you, she wouldn't confide such things to you, now would she?

    • Correct. It also shows that others want her too and guys like competing until they get her.

    • Not me, I was worried about all the competition, I'd have preferred not to have all these other guys chasing after her. But actually, her mind was already made up when she told me about that, even though we hadn't even flirted at that point!

    • I usually take it as a negative thing to say. Like pointing out that I'm just a random face in a crowd.
      I think it could be an erroneous attempt to raise their value by convincing us that there's competition and that they are in high demand. Personally I find it incredibly irritating more than anything else. But I suppose it's all open to interpretation.

      "guys like competing until they get her."

      Nope. avi
      Seriously, no.

  • I think the sexiest thing a girl ever did was to talk about sports with me even though she later admitted she wasn't really into it. I don't know, just something about her going out of her way to make me happy just made my day.

  • And I quote...

    "Stabbing is probably the most crazily intimate way to kill someone"

    I had never felt more in sync with anyone, and about a month later I had never felt more heartbroken. fml

  • The sexiest thing not sexual? I'm confused

  • A girl proposed to me that she loves me and can't live without me :-)

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