He asked me on a date again but?

He asked me which day we can meet. I replied after an hour (depending on the person, i try hardest to think about my reply) and he read my reply but he didn't reply and I see him online.

He doesn't reply asap. What could it mean? Is he taking me for granted? Is he the same way as me? Trying to think what to reply?


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  • how is that taking you for granted? maybe he is thinking if that time will work for him

    • You are right but he could have told me specific day when he's available right? I hate to think that he's seeing other girls as well.

    • yea/ but being busy dosent mean he is seeing other girls. just relax alittle lol

    • Hahah i know! Incoming paranoid cells! Thank you!

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  • It means he has a life outside of his phone.

    • Lol so being online means having a life outside his phone... okayyyy

    • Just because he's available on whatsapp, it doesn't mean he's using the phone at that very moment.

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