How to take her out?

I been friends with this girl for a while, and I want to take her on a date but I don't know when the right time is to ask her. We sit together at lunch and walk to class together etc. but I don't know if she actually likes me or if we're just good friends.
Thanks guys for all the help. I took her out for ice cream and a hike in the park. I can say I'm not single anymore.


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  • Ask her if she'd like to go for a coffee some time or for an evening walk - just something simple, but I'd suggest doing something other than watching a movie or eating, so that you can really talk and get to know each other. Good luck!

    • What abou something like a concert to a band we both really like or like a museum?

    • Museum would also be a good option, but I'd suggest going to a concert on the second or third date :)

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  • just go for the kill.. ask her if she would like to get dinner and go see a movie or something

    whats the worst that could happen? she says no. you still win because then you'll know she's not into you :)
    go for it!!!


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  • well... better make a move on her or else you will become just good friends. just tell her"i wana take you out next Friday , you free (give her a smile and a wink if you think she doesn't get what u are hinting at)?" she will immediately get the message,

  • Ask her when it's just you two.
    If you wanna see a movie, then bring it up if you're talking about movies.
    Just say something like "hey, would you wanna go eat food on Friday night?"

    Pretty simple. Don't plan too much.

  • So have been on any mate dates with her yet?
    That could be a good start for you you sound new to the dating game.
    Just say do you fancy meeting up to do (something you both like doing)
    The best thing do something you know she likes/love's going but not really your thing then she will know you care and willing to but her first.


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