What should I do? Please help. She said she will text but she didn't?


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  • how long has it been

    just give her a few days...
    if she still doesn't text you, then you text her...

    • We're distance for now and communication is really important for us, mostly the phone calls. It really means a lot for us that we hear each others voice. Last week I was trying to call her but she said not for now because she is busy reviewing for her exam so I gave a space. On the next day she texted me and said "Hey, I'm sorry that I didn't talked to you and replied on your message. I was just busy on this summer class, I always had projects. Tomorrow night we'll talk on phone." After that I felt relieved and unworried. Next day came and she excused again, she said "Is it okay if we just text for now? The person who is assigned on our presentation doesn't care so I am the one doing it." We had a good convo and at the end I said "When can wetalk on phone?" She replied "I will text you if we can." But now four days has passed and I still had no message on her. I am expecting that she will text on weekend because those are the time she is free, but she did not and I left messages to her yesterday but I didn't get a response. She post things on facebook and instagram, I am clearly ignored. It makes me feel so upset. If you have any piece of advice I will take and appreciate it, thanks. This girl really means a lot to me.

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    • hey, haven't heard from you in a few days... everything ok?

    • Okay thanks. I just wonder, why does she keep ignoring...

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  • Give her some time, may be she is busy of forget it...

    • It's been four days. I left messages yesterday but I didn't get a response..

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  • Dont give a shit.. Learn the 4s laws


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