How to get back on track in the dating world? How to get a turn around after being defamed?

Hello boys and girls!!
Well this is my question... so I've been single 4 a very long time and I wanna get back in to the dating world... howeever I've lost touch and I haven got up close with a girl for sometime now. Even if I do how do I ask her out and how do I take it 2 higher levels, if it goes dat far? Second part of the question... during my late teens I was accused by a girl for being a stalker and it kinda stayed 4 a very long time (Still some people call me that in public when they see me) so how do I get past this? Any advice, suggestion or even a thought is welcome... help me pls


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  • Maybe if you tried a dating web site away from your area take the lady out for something to eat NEVER let her pay for it treat her to a gd night have a few drinks if the atmosphere is comfortable and see were it goes of you have problems like that in your area never date around there always get a train away if it gets serious between u n Ya new lady then u can come clean never on the 1st or 2nd date maybe the 3rd

    • well... that's cool!! R dating sites reliable? I've heard many complaints and 90% are not even genuine... it's a last resort... well if u know it would nice of u 2 send me the links and I could check them out

    • I'd say the ones u have to maybe pay for membership you've got more of a chance meetin a decent women than any old person lol I dnt no any just what I've seen on tv there's a few Google them and try Ya luck what have you got to loose :)

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