What are some good date ideas for a first date, during the middle of the week?

So I have a first date on Tuesday evening with an awesome woman. I've already looked up to see what events are happening that particular night and there isn't an interesting/fun thing to do. All the fun stuff is happening on the weekend. Due to our busy schedules we can not have our first date on the weekend till about 2-3 weeks away. That's a no go for both us. Definitely want to do dinner but what's something fun and interactive to do after, in the middle of the week when there's nothing going on? No... not sex. She's not much of a drinker so I would hate to do the cliche dinner and drinks after. We've been texting each other and we're looking forward to this day, but now I have to lay out a fun interesting plan. What are some good general ideas to do?


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  • You could try getting some input from her to make sure that you don't plan something she's not into. Definitely dinner, but see what she thinks about afterwards. Or y'all could be spontaneous and just see where the night takes you! :)


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