He doesn't want anything serious but isn't dating other people?

So I have been on about 7 dates with a guy. All of then have been amazing and we have great chemistry. He isn't the best at communicating over text but when we are together he is great. Our last date we spent 8 hours together on a road trip/ hike. During which I asked him if he is looking for anything serious and he said no.

He also said he is not seeing anyone else but me, and that he isn't the hookup or player type. This of course threw me off a little because I dont understand why he would say the second part unless maybe he was trying to soften the blow a little after wining and dining me for weeks.

Im trying to understand from his perspective why he would say that he isn't seeing anyone else if he doesn't want something serious? We haven't slept together yet so its not like he is trying to have is cake and eat it to. I'm worried that he wants to take it really slow, because I am starting to have serious feeling for this guy. Any advice on this would be helpful, thanks.


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  • You are over-analyzing and you seem to be trying to convince yourself that he wants something serious despite what he blatantly, outright, directly said to you. This makes sense seeing as you are "starting to have serious feelings for this guy."

    He told you he didn't want anything serious so stop desperately trying to fish for any actions or unspoken ideas of his that might prove that wrong so that you can feel better about your 'serious feelings' for him. If a man tells you he's not looking for anything serious then listen to him instead of lying to yourself and deluding yourself then getting hurt later on.


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