What's the point of trying to make a guy jealous?

I mean I know usually the point is to see if they care, or to entice a reaction, but honestly why

Let's say you get a reaction it usually means one of the following:
It likely means the guy is possessive/clingy.
It likely means he can't control his emotions.
It likely means he's not confident in himself.
It likely means he's going to be mistrusting of you later.

So why do so many (ok many may be a sweeping generalization but I've noticed it more often than not) girls do this. If a guy is getting jealous it's not a sign he likes you, or cares for you. It's a sign that he's likekly on the controlling end of the spectrum or not well adjusted to be honest, yet it's often mistaken that this means he's some gentleman strolling in on a white horse.


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  • Well you pretty much answered the question already, if the guy does react it'll make her feel as if he cares about her, and Dosent like seeing other guys flirting with her etc. because honestly what guy wants the girl that he's into being flirted with by others guys? Nobody

    • True, but as I said to @ArabianPwincess197 to me it it implies the person is not mature or simply incapable of coping/admitting their feelings to a person as well as being a massive turn off.

    • That's true but I guess some girls don't want to be staight up about stuff like that, so they try to find a sneaky way of finding out if the guy likes them, but as you said yourself the guys gonna know what they're doing so in the end it Dosent end very well, but oh well to each their own

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  • Your reasoning is logical. I just don't think logic comes into the equation, when a person is trying to make another jealous, when dating.

    • That's true, dating and attraction don't really follow logic. Surely though people should realize this when they make the same observations of their friends dating. or scenarios independent to them occurring?

    • I'm sure they totally realise, when they're on the outside looking in. It's an entirely different kettle of fish, when you're the one filled with anxiety and lust and whatever hormones are involved.
      I dunno- these are assumptions. I've never dated, so... My guess is as good as yours.

  • To see if he likes you or to make yourself feel better

    • Ego boosting is true, but I mean if a girl tried to do that to me I would understand why she's doing it and I would be immediately turned off. It means to me rather than straight forward communication she relies on manipulative tactics to make a point.

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