She walked away when I asked her out. Embarrassing?

I asked this girl out in my school 'I said, look I'll be honest, I think you're a lovely girl and I look you a lot which you already know so I was thinking if you'd like to go out this Saturday with me'

she just looked at me and walked off.

I feel really really embarrassed, did I say something that I shouldn't have said? I'm scared to go to school tomorrow as people will probably laugh at me that I had a girl walking away when I was just being nice and trying to invite her somewhere nice where she could enjoy herself. It was my first ever time asking someone out.

would any of you guys be embarrassed if it happened to you?
Like not look!!


Most Helpful Girl

  • For her yes. For you no. You asked her out which takes guts. She acted ridiculous - unless she was jsut nervous then it's ok but I don't know if that's what it was. Even if she wants intersted she could just be respectful of your effort and decline civilly.

    Sorry that happened but don't feel bad. You did nothing wrong by skiing her out and it's good to get used to the fact sometime people are going to be assholes... Thicken tiur skin to it and don't let it get in your way:)


Most Helpful Guy

  • embarrased? hell no, i'd be just hurt and would think that she's either very very shy or rude.. the latter would be more likely i think... In my opinion a simple no from the girl would 've been appropriate.. or she's gonna have to appologize and explain me really well why she did that.
    So all in all: hurt and changed perception of the type of girl i've been trying to ask out...


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What Girls Said 1

  • Of course it's embarrassing. Sorry that happened!


What Guys Said 2

  • Sheesh that fuckin sucks. You should've just asked her out, but if she was that much of a bitch she probably would've had the same reaction.

    Yeah that's hella embarrassing.

  • this makes me feel so sad... they say guys gotta make the first move, have the guts, express their feelings because they are considered to be less easily hurt by rejection... well that's not true.

    • Who says that? That's ridiculous. I don't think that's why they say guys should make the fist move... It's just a bout keeping gender roles maintained.

      Anyhow I don't think it hurts anyone more or less based on their sex. I think it depends on the person asking and the person reacting. Her reltiomship was shitty unless she was just nervous and it isn't less shitty bc she's a girl... A guy doing it is abs. And Shirley doing it is just as bad. But some people are asshoels and asking someone out even though you know it might go badly is brave and deserves credit and respect regardless of your sex. Women face the problem that when they ask a guy out if it goes badly it's thought of as her being separate not brave. There are bad stigmas attached to both sides and I rally think whoever enacts to ask should ask and people should be respectful even if not interested. Like how hard is it to say no trunk you.

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