Girls, which type of guys do you find more physically attractive?

  • Asian guys
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  • Latino guys
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  • White guys
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  • Black guys
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  • Multiracial guys
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  • Middle eastern guys
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  • Other guys (leave comment)
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Asian guys 3 votes? Latino guys 2 votes? Black guys 0 votes? Okay.. I start to think this poll is nothing but a waste of a question. No way in hell that Asians are more desired than black guys.
Gonna delete this shitty question as soon as possible.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Mediterranean guys (I think there's a difference between snowflake pale like me and tanned like south Europe) and mixed guys are also very hot, but I also like white guys sometimes.

    • mediterranean guys are white.. goddamnit. All ethnic europeans are white. White people were never indigenous to America (a land that they stole by force), Australia (same thing stolen) or Canada.

    • How is that relevant to the opinion? I am European and we all see quite the difference between south Europe and North Europe , can we? That's why I'm pointing that out.

    • I know but I mean I assume you voted others, but both (mediterranean) and mixed guys were there (white & multiracial)

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What Girls Said 22

  • Eehh.. that's hard. I'm into Latinos and Asians more than anything else this month tbh but I like all of them.

    • What's your race?

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    • Ohhh don't generalize dear


      Many black girls like everything besides just black

    • Never met one in my life.. so I wouldn't know. I only seen one white guy - black girl couple in my life. That's the only interracial couple involving a black girl/woman that I've seen my whole life, but I guess there are more.

  • Can we stop asking this same question? It's been asked a million times on this site.
    Obviously white guys are most likely going to win; I'm sure non-white guys are sick of being reminded that most people deem them unattractive. When are we just going to accept the fact that every race has attractive men and that everyone has their own preference?

  • I don't really care about race or ethnicity of a person I think there are very attractive people in every race although I generally think that mixed / multiracial guys are the most attractive to me and middle eastern is probably the least I'd choose because many of them tend to have really excessive body hair & that's just a turn off to me lol

  • Why assume an Asian can't be attractive as a black guy? Asians are very attractive and charming and I had to stereotype but they come from better families and seem more ambitious and all around fun.

  • Guys from all those categories are. Middle Eastern and Multi racial I'd say a bit more

  • i like native American guys and white guys

    • Which ones more? and also what's your race?

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    • I live in Florida and I've seen many types of people but not once a Native American.


    • Oohh, I've seen a fair amount of native Americans where I live and they are attractive, I really like their eyes. Very nice.

  • Doesn't matter the gender as long as the dude has a cute face. :)

  • White/mixed race generally. especially italians. gotta love italians

  • Italian and Jewish guys.

    • Italians are white... most jewish guys are white, lol.

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    • Well sorry but I can't just go on and list all the ethnicities in the world.. not even the biggest poll can't contain all those ethnicities. So I tried to make it easy.

    • I wasn't critiquing your list of answers, don't worry. I just personally wanted to get more specific. I like certain guys.

  • middle eastern and black guys, white guys are... well BORING, too much of them

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