Im giving my ex girlfriend too much attention.. how can I make her chase me?

She does love me and we have text, kissed, calls, sex, etc. but she doesn't want a relationship because her parents are the problem. I feel like i make her feel like a queen and maybe starting to take me for granted.

When i first met her, i did like her but not LOVE her. She was obsess with me but now it is the other way around. What can i do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • jelousy will solve the problem :^)

    • i have tried joking around and it works but she starts to ignore me

    • well try talking to her again?
      maybe she got over you.
      when did she her feelings towards you?

    • i would say maybe last week. She only does a couple of time and random. And i do show it too often which is why i feel like im pushing her away

What Guys Said 1

  • how old is she? if she's over 18 i guess her parents cannot tell her wot she'd do basically 8)

    • she is 20 which is sad

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