Why he breaks up with you but proceeds to like your Instagram posts?

Does this mean anything? He likes other people's photos so this can't mean much. But why leave me for your x.. Then continue contact online?


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  • like is nothing basically... it just means that he likes yer pics AS A GUY basically... ;-)

    • Yeah but he's also 32 and a bit mature. You're telling me if you broke things off with a girl you were seeing up until 3 nights ago.. that liking her photos since is just a like?

    • yeah... like is a like and nothin more basically... really ^_^

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  • Ego. Inconsideration. Self-centeredness.

    He likes seeing that you're not seeing another man. That you may still be waiting around for him at his taking while he tests the water.

    He doesn't care that his actions may confuse you or be a mental cue that makes you miss him and remember him.

    He's so concerned about himself that he can't wrap it around his mind that what you need is space from him.

    That's why it's best to delete and block exes from everywhere especially if they dumped you so that you can move on with no interruptions.

    • You're right. I haven't been able to move on because I can still see what he does and I know its such a stupid 'like' on an online app and it doesn't mean anything.. but that tiny like is why I haven't been able to move on. He probably knows.

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  • It's pretty strange. Maybe he's just confused.

    • I'm glad you think its a strange behavior. If it was someone I had not hooked up with I wouldn't make much of it.. But this is a guy who broke things off cause he was confused, tells me he really does like me.. But can't get serious then proceeds to do this online. All I want to do is tell him how much I miss him, but pride gets the best of me.

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