Should I move on?

I went out with this girl and it went well. I asked for a second date that night and she said yes. We went to a movie a few days later. After the movie she gave me a kiss as I walked her to her car. It was our first kiss. I then asked her out a few days later. I was planning something about 10 days ahead of time snce I was going out of town for a week. She wouldn't give me a definative yes on that date. Now when she texts me, she is very short with her replies. Also, I have always been the first to initiate the texts. Should I just move on?
I feel like, I should stop texting her. IF she texts me, OK, but I'm not putting the work in.


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  • You should talk to her about it first.


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  • Usually when you ask yourself this, it means that you have to move one.

    If I were you and the girl seems distant with the messages/never initiate them I would just back off, you showed your interest, now its her turn.


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