Why do guys always want to have sex with me and never a relationship but always want a relationship with my friends?

Everytime i start talking to a guy they always just want sex from me but never a relationship, but they always want relationships with my friends. Its like everytime i talk to a guy & i dont give them sex they stop. talking to me & completely not acknowledge me. Why is that , am i not relationship material?


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  • If the opposite sex consistently treats you in a particular way, it is probably a response to something that you are doing, perhaps something you are doing subconsciously.

    • hmm interesting like what , could u pleasee elaborate & give some examples on what u mean by that

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    • hmm i never thought about that

    • Sometimes, girls are SO appealing that guys think they are unattainable on any lasting basis. You may be one of those girls who needs to downplay what you got and try to look more like the girl next door.

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe you're not girlfriend material or it could be that you send out a 'slut' vibe, in which case no one wants to date a slut only hook up with them. Or maybe youve just encountered way too many jerks

    • I think i encountered to many jerks. & Could u explain what u mean by slut vibe, cuz im far from that 😒

    • Well sometimes girls in highschool get jealous when there's someone pretty and feel threatened so they spread rumors she's a slut. Or maybe you have a nice body and then people just assume you get around. Or you could just have flirty behavior and get mistaken for being a slut

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