What are the good and bad parts of online dating?

After using online dating for a number of years, mainly POF, OkCupid, and now Tinder, it seems like almost everyone is using online dating to meet for relationships, dates, hookups etc. I remember when I first used it and most people frowned on it but when you're busy and don't have that many opportunities to meet girls or guys, it does help increase your chances without having to wait in person for a possible match. That being said there are a lot of pros and a lot of cons. Here are mine.

-You can meet a lot of people you wouldn't have met otherwise, even if it's in your own town or close by.
-It's easier to find people with common interests, making it a good conversation starter.
-Lots of opportunities. Sometimes it takes a lot of rejection to get a date.
-It's free for the most part.
-Rejection isn't a big deal as it's from behind a computer.
-You can change your pictures and profiles to make better first impressions.
-When you have the date, you know why you're both there. You obviously have some attraction to each other.

-You're dealing with even more competition than in real life dating. Yes I multi date but that's because you can only imagine your date is talking/dating others.
-A handful of people use misleading pictures. While appearance isn't everything, there's a difference between looking your best and making yourself look totally different to lure people in. If I had a dollar for every time a girl hid that she was fat until i met her in person, I'd be rich. Not that I'm fat shaming but if you're fat then don't hide it. Same goes for guys.
-Lots of timewasters such as girls just on there for attention or ego boosts. You'll talk to them for awhile and then when you ask them out they're like I don't wanna meet people off the internet or they just don't respond.
-It kinda forces the idea of a relationship. Onli


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  • I met my current boyfriend on Tinder. The best part about it was we did not expect anything before and during the first meeting and guess what? That's when sparkle happens when you expect nothing. We started to date since February and so far so good. I only told a few friends about it but I can see from their reaction that they are being skeptical about it. Majority of the people in the place where I live or I can say that people around me are being skeptical about online dating. Personally I think that the pros n cons of online dating really depends on how we wanted to use it. If we are using it for hookups then it's not a healthy practise then but if we use it to meet new people, dating, then it's apt to the purpose of online dating apps which purely meant for dating and meeting new people. I do think our comments and discussion here would be helpful for those who have not and wanted to experience online dating so that they are aware of what possible people they will be meeting esp BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. Online apps and real life are the same where we can find variety of living pattern and culture in the society. So we just have to be observant, alert, aware and know our own intention and limits in dating people.


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  • I have dated a few women online and to be fair there have been some pretty great women on there. I guess it is just hard for me to meet women because my life tends to be a little bit busy. Lets just say that it is very hit and miss. Also you might click on a profile of someone you are very interested in and everything seems great until you realize that they live like an hour away. I don't really know about you but if I am dating someone, I really don't want to drive an hour to go on a date then drive an hour back. Also as a warning to anyone not experienced in online dating, there are a lot of scammers on there. I am not talking simply of people with deceiving photo's. Yes those are annoying but not nearly as annoying as the fake people who will pretend to be a girlfriend then try to lure you into giving away personal info or they try to sign you up for some scam social media site just to get your credit card.

    • Yeah there's a wide variety of women on there, good and bad. And yeah sometimes it can be hard to meet women when you're busy or when you do go out, the only women you'll see are at bars and bars are not the best place to meet women, at least if you're looking for something long term.

      Long distance definitely is a hassle, especially if the girl doesn't have a car. I've dated a girl who lives in Chicago and I live in the suburbs and it was difficult. Usually we'd take turns. One time she'd come out to the suburbs and the next time I'd go to the city. Her not having a car made it tough and I kinda hid it from my parents that I was dating her because I thought they might be skeptical of me telling them I'm meeting up with a girl from the city that I started talking to online. At least I had sex with her the last time I saw her. But generally as a rule of thumb, if they live 30+ mins away then we meet halfway.

    • And yeah the fake bots are annoying. Usually from he meet me feature on POF, I'll get emails about who clicked yes on the meet me and a lot of times, it'll be a bit who's dressed promiscuous with the same photo on different profiles and they'll say look at my pics or lets do a webcam session. It's pretty easy to spot after you experience one of them.

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  • I've never tried. There seems to be too many creepers

    • Meh, there's creepers on and offline. But yeah girls probably have to worry about that more than guys do as far as online dating goes.

    • Believe it or not there are actually a lot of creepy women on there as well.

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  • I don't get the value of this question... you answered it in your details...

    • I asked because I'm looking to see what other people have to add to it.

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    • Agreed though what happens when you still talk to a girl and you feel like you're interviewing them instead of having a conversation? Not that all are like that but I've dealt with that a lot lately. It's like they'll respond and agree to a date but still not add anything to the conversation.

    • I'm only 13... the stuff that I know about online dating is second hand. The girls I deal with are different than the one's your age. I don't even have to ask them questions... they spill everything... Even on yes or no questions theyre answers are 3 sentences or more...

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