Are we only friends?

I have been talking to a great person for over 2 months. We get along and we went on our first date recently. All is going well.. but I'm utterly confused on our status. Early on we agreed to not see other people and we sort of act like a couple and he sometimes tells me we are a great match. But he's never come out and said if we are dating or not and I'm afraid to ask. I don't want to scare him off. We already have future dates as far as July planned out. What do you think? should I give it a few weeks before asking him point blank what we are, or should I just wait for him to broach the subject?


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  • Guys think differently to girls. We don't put labels on stuff. Girls always have to categorise and make everything perfect where guys dont care what its called. So if he is dating u, he doesn't think of what i call it. He just thinks u r great and thats all that matters. Girls always have to complicate things by labelling the relationship and laying out the do's and do not's. So yes u can ask him how he feels about u, but don't go overboard cos he won't hav a clue what u r talking about. Lol


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  • You are in the pre-dating phase. Ask him out.


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  • If you decide to wait, then also decide how long you are willing to wait.


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