She said she will text and call me when she's not busy. It's been four days and I didn't hear anything from her?

I texted her thrice yesterday and she didn't replied. I'm trying to message and ask her again later but I might bug her and I don't want that. I had her word and trust her because she said she will. But guys what are your thoughts? It makes me upset being ignored. This girl really means a lot to me.


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  • Is she a person who constantly looks at her phone? If so, she has no excuse. Even when I'm "busy", when I have something I know that I'm expecting, I would check my phone. Shooting a message doesn't take four days (even though I can go days without checking my phone).

    She's either playing that dumb game that people play by not contacting people to make them think more of them or she is ignoring in my opinion.

    • She settled it. She said she will text and call but it's been four days and it's on weekend she's free on those time because she post thingys on facebook and instagram. Maybe I'm just being ignored...

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  • Give her space man.

    • Yeah that's what I'm thinking. I will try to call her on Saturday night. Probably on that time she's not busy. What do you think?

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    • You need to give her space man, if she needs to study then she should go do that.

    • Will she come back if she's not busy?

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  • Do not keep messaging her!
    That will just push her away if you blow up her phone

    • Okay, thanks. I won't. It just worries me..

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