First time I've loved this much but he lives an hour away , stay or leave him?

I met this guy on in star gram actually we have been talking for a year until I finally met him last month we still talk every day. But he lives an hour away I'm far from getting my car so is he. The only way Ill see him is a friend drives us to the middle of where we both live. First time I saw him was amazing I feel I'll not find someone like him in a long time , perhaps never soo. What do I do :( communication is important but I wish I could see him everyday. Should I move on with my life , or hold on and stay and work things out?

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Instagram not star gram lll


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  • Take the bus, 1 hour is nothing for true love. I travelled 4 hours for a girl I loved, this is just how love is.


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  • I live 7000 kms away from the person who I am going to marry next year. Should we give up? NO, we will not. We do out best to communicate through different mediums - viber, whatsapp, Skype, facebook, phone calls etc.

  • U should Stay and Work things out
    Love Knows No distances or boundaries


What Girls Said 1

  • Aren't there trains or buses where you live? An hour isn't that much. Me and my boyfriend live an hour away from each other too and it works great so don't give up hope for love :)