Based on this behavior is she interested or just being friendly?

So I think this girl is really cute. As of late she has been a lot more friendly and by that I mean more outgoing. She will come up to me while I'm working out and tease me, she comments and likes my pictures and statuses more often. The other day she had to take a picture of me and my friend after we got done swimming because apparently we had matching suits (they were similar colors but not really matching). She posted the picture of us on instagram as her man crush mondays and then tagged me. She doesn't follow the other guy so that's why only me. I then commented on how the guy (me) in the blue suti was good looking and she said "he's okay... haha." I don't know to take all of this. So is she just being friendly or should I go for it.


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  • she likes you i am pretty sure

    • Thanks! Like I said I have a difficult time telling

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  • The answer to this type of question is ALWAYS to go for it. What could you possibly lose? It's free to ask girls out. If she says no, there will be another along pretty soon.


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  • Interested, I think! :)

    • Thank you! It's hard for me to tell the difference between friendly and flirty

  • Go for it!

    • Ok but how do you think she feels based on what I wrote

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