I cancelled on my pof date?

So after experiencing all the girls who always cancel on me I decided i'm going to give it a try and cancel on this girl. I could already tell she was going to flake on me anyways, cause one I gave her my number which she never used, Two it was the night before our date and we still hadn't worked out where we were going to meet and I know better than to wait around for someone to respond, i'm going to do something else with my day you know? So then she finally decides to message me back asking what happened. lol It's like well, our date is tomorrow morning and we have no details worked out. Are girls really this oblivious, or is it mainly just the online girls who are freaking crazy. I mean what's wrong with a little communication?


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  • Maybe she was just flaky in general? I find that people seem really willing to ghost when they meet you online so it's not just you. At least you're finding out before you go out as opposed to having to go through all the hassle of getting ready and then being like welp...

    • Do you think that was bad of me to do? I mean was her plan to yes that time works good for me the morning of the date? We were just going for coffee, but I hadn't even figured any of the details like which one we will go to, am I picking her up, etc. I canceled the night before so it's not like she spent 2hrs getting ready. Normally what ends up happening is they message me an hour or so before we're supposed to meet and say they couldn't go.

    • I don't think it was bad at all. Like you said you hadn't even made any decisions yet. It's nbd to cancel something that's not happening.

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  • An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

  • What's the point of doing that?

    • Just like bellepepper said, to keep from wasting my time.

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