Why don't guys talk to me or like me? What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

I seem to have a hard time dating. I barely ever get dates. I'm not sure why or what I'm doing wrong. Guys just don't seem to be into me. Guys never approach me either. I see some looking my way sometimes but they will never say anything. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ugly or something or if something is wrong with me. It seems like no guy wants to date me let alone get to know me. I'm a really nice, sweet, caring, strong, fun and smart person. And I look like the lady in the picture that I posted. Except, most of the time I wear my hair in it's natural curly state and my lips are a little bit bigger. I posted a picture because someone might ask what I look like. Maybe my appearance is not good?
Why don't guys talk to me or like me? What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

But no one seems to want to come close to me to see those things. Sometimes it does make me upset or sad because I feel like I may be alone my whole life. ... I know you should never compare yourself to the lives of others but I see others happy and in relationships but I feel like I may never have that. I'm never jealous, I think its a beautiful thing. I guess I admire it because I crave love, true love. Maybe it's something that I'm doing wrong. Are there any tips to meet men and finding a boyfriend? Maybe it just isn't my time yet...


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  • If that's your real picture, you are far from ugly. In fact, I think you're very pretty. I think you're looking at it wrong. If anything, guys aren't coming up to you because they are intimidated by your good looks, telling themselves you are out of their league.

    You're young, and as people mature, they begin taking more chances by opening up, so I don't believe it will be long before someone befriends you and wants to date you.

    There's also nothing wrong with you going up to someone you're interested in and saying "hello". Just be yourself, be genuine and smile. What's not to like about that

    Also, you have a long life yet to live, so don't worry about having to be with somebody right now. Enjoy yourself and stop concerning yourself with what you don't have and feel grateful of what you are blessed with. You are good looking, are in good health and seem to be a very nice person. A lot of men will love that quality about you, so stop worrying and just let it happen.

    You'll be fine, I promise.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate your kind words. Sometimes I see guys that I find attractive but I never say anything because I'm shy when first meeting people and I fear being rejected so I just keep to myself. I also think they may see it as being weird if I go up to them randomly. Maybe I could start trying to approach guys more. And maybe my time for love hasn't come yet. I guess I do have to be patient.

    • You're welcome, and yes, sometimes guys don't mind a little nudge; especially if they see a beautiful woman and assume they are not interested, because that pretty girl just walked right on by without acknowledging them. I know I've felt that way before, only for the girl I thought wasn't into me to come up to me and say I was rude for ignoring her... I was like "what! Okay then".

      It's hard to all of a sudden be outgoing if you're shy, but all you can do is be yourself, be warm, smile and don't be afraid to talk to someone if you think you might have something in common with them.

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  • same same same, everything you describe is basically me. I'm already 19 now and nobody ever asked me out. But for you I can definitely say you're not ugly for sure! Neither would I get the impression you're spoiled just because you wear accessories or jewellery (of course this is from a girls perspective but I'm usually not too quick to call someone pretty, neither girls nor boys, so I guess this means something lol) But yeah I guess maybe we should just both do the same and wait for the right one to come?
    Or if you're not too shy you could try to approach a guy you like?
    It's definitely not your looks.


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  • Do you go out? How do you make yourself appear amongst others? Do you try to talk to guys at all? Do you notice them noticing you

    The pic you posted is of a very pretty lady. Looking like her does not necessarily mean you are too.

    • I do go out, and I sometimes see a guy looking at me. But they just look once or twice but never say anything. I don't go up to guys and say anything. I never know what to say to guys and I'm afraid of rejection I guess. And yea she is really pretty. I picked her because we look very, very similar almost identical. I wouldn't post a picture if I looked nothing like it. But I am a pretty person, inside and out. I have a good heart. Not just a pretty face or nice figure. But thank you.

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    • No. The kind of guy I want is a decent person. And no I've never had a conversation with a guy that I liked... I don't approach guys that I like because I'm shy when first meeting people. And I find my crushes to be attractive and smart so it's intimidating. I guess I feel like I'll just get rejected and they won't like a girl like me.

    • And I guess I could approach guys first too. But I never know what to do or what to say...

  • lots of rings... xpensive watch... obviously guys would find u repellent basically... sorry but that's wot i believe :-)

    • I don't really dress like that. I was just trying to find a good image of her face.

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    • if you wear lots of jewelry that looks fairly to really expensive it could repel some as it would give off a high maintenance vibe

    • I could see that being true. I don't wear a lot of jewelry though. I'm mostly in sweat pants or leggins and no make up lol, nothing fancy over here.

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  • so what do u want? oh you're so prettyy. they're all intimidated by you.

    • No that's not what I want, I wanted honest opinions. I'm not sure where your negativity is coming from but hopefully you have a good day =)

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