Do I need to disclose that I used to have depression to someone I'm dating?

I'm dating someone at the moment who I really like. We're not at the stage at which we're in a relationship, we're just seeing how things goes. Three years ago I was at a very low point and was diagnosed with depression, but recovered within a year. I view this as just part of my past that only family and close friends know about. However, I'm wondering if it's necessary that I share this with the guy I'm dating, especially if we decide to become serious. He views me as very bubbly/happy etc. (he's said this to me) which is generally how I am around him, so I can't help but think that if I tell him then he may suddenly be turned off my me.


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  • If it is getting serious I would tell him - I had mental health issues and I find it a great personal comfort to be totally open about it but that said it is yours and only your personal choice what to say.


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  • Sure you don't need to bring it up. For instance I attempted suicide and disclosed that to my last girlfriend. That is something you need to do if depression was a huge part of your life then I suggest you let him know

  • i don't think so... if he really loves u, he'd understand yer issue :-)


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