He didn't text/call after our first date. What happened?

It seemed like we had a great time! And right before he dropped me off at my home he was like we should've went and grabbed a late night snack so I was like yes we should've then he said that he was willing to turn all the way back and go! And while I was getting out of his car he was like "See you!" And all seemed well! It's been 24 hours and I haven't heard anything from him. I'd really love to know what happened.


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  • Have you called or texted him?

    • Nope.

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    • He did.

    • Then I think you should let him know that you want to see him again. Last year, I was briefly talking with a girl. I asked her for the first date. It went well. The next morning, she sent me a Facebook message saying that she wanted to hang out again.

      So, tell him you want to meet up again. Tell him you had a great time and that it would be great to go out with him again. Say "go out". "Hang out" implies friendship.

  • ughhh... y don't u try to call then?

    • Because I don't want to look desperate.

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