Guys, Does he want a fling or a relationship?

I've been talking to this guy on/off for the past 3 weeks. I really like what I know about him so far and would like to see where things go with him. He asked me out a few weeks ago for coffee during the day and on our first date we talked for hours and lost track of time. We clicked instantly and had so much in common. He dropped me back to work to pick up my car and when we said goodbye in his car he never tried to hug me or anything. He messaged me alter that night sayin ghe had a great time. He asked me out again and we met up a week after our first date. This time it was at night time. He drove a long way to come to see me and I was impressed with the effort he made. However this time he was very touchy, he tried to hold my hand and kept inching closer to me throughout the night. He constantly told me how pretty I am and how he thinks I'm smart and funny. However, he's said that his last relationship ended almost a year ago and that he's still emotionally scarred from it and is not looking for a relationship. Then he told me he really wanted to kiss me but I told him no because I'd like to take things slow.

Long story short I think I bruised ego. He messaged me a day after our date telling me this and how he meant what he said about not wanting to mess with my heart etc. I told him the only relationships I want with a guy is friendship or an actual relationship and that I'm not interested in casual sex and the only reason why I didn't kiss him was because I thought he wanted just sex. I told him I love talking to him and wouldn't mind being friends and getting to know him better first. He hasn't replied and it's been over a day.

So whats the deal? Does he really want me or does he just want a fling?


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  • this one is easy he only wants sex he said he's not looking for a relationship yet he trys to kiss you should be your first clue.


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