Does, being wooed and romanticized and pretty much won, ever happen to a woman after years of no contact?

So i'm speaking to a girl I haven't seen in years. She used to like me and it I'm telling her how i'm getting a new job making some one of myself and what not. Also when I ever pass through town or I move back that i'll see her again. She sounds very excited and what not and I still very much care about her. But I wonder how much of that ever happens or are chick flicks to blame for guess to think it possible


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  • I doubt it.

    • I was drinking when I posted this. If it wasn't for liquid courage I probably wouldn't if sent her a "hey how are?" Text. But you are correct

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  • hmmm how much excited dude? like she wanna hug u everytime she's seein u? 8)


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