Online dating nightmares (come on, we all have them!) ?

Online dating is pretty much the thing to do for this generation. It can be tough though because the world is full of creeps.

What are some disaster dates you've been on with people you met online? Or creepy messages you've recieved on Tinder (or the like)? lol

Here are two of mine:

1.) Two days after talking to a guy on Tinder he told me that he felt like I was his best friend. Day 3 he said "I love you" and after like a week he sent me a screenshot of his phone background and it was a pic of me. *DELETE*.

2.) Talked to this guy pretty consistently for maybe two or three days. I was at work one day and couldn't reply much and he left me this giant text about how he thought we made a great connection and he could really see us being together (we hadn't met yet) and how it's not right for me to just lead him on and then never reply to his texts and etc etc etc. Dude, I didn't reply for like 3 hours, calm your jets. *DELETE*.


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What Guys Said 1

  • The second guy might've been a bit like me except I'd never send a text like that unless we've been dating for a while. There's tons of girls that collect a bunch of dudes and lead them on for no reason and it leaves you feeling crushed.

    • I hate girls like that. I am not one of them. I could see where you're coming from though. It really freaked me out because he became obsessive in his texting and would even view my profile to see if I was active and then immediately text me. He just jumped way too fast.

    • yeah it sucks cause its pretty much impossible to tell the difference between the ones that lead on and the ones that dont

What Girls Said 1

  • I've been on OKCUPID for about two years and have gone out with several guys. I haven't really had a bad experience.


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