My crush might think I'm creepy?

I usually miss my crush a lot when he's not around, so yesterday when we hang out he just look so dang handsome so I video taped him. I just hold the phone with camera facing him and act natural. He suddenly goes "May I see your phone?" then I said "what for?" and ended the video. I gave it to him after I ended the video so he might not know. Later I came home and watch it he actually stared at my camera for a while before he asked to see my phone. I'm pretty sure he noticed me recording him :/ He might think I'm weird and creepy now what do I do now? He never confront me about it though.


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  • I've never thought of a girl as creepy. Ok, maybe if she's super ugly.

    • I'm not super ugly (at least to him) because he likes me.

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  • Just pretend it never happened!

    • I know but it's so embarrasing especially after I watch it again omg :(

      But I really think he noticed it though he really gonna think I'm creepy if he noticed it...

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  • If a guy got caught doing this, his entire social life will cease to exist.

    • :/ Anyway what do I do now?

    • Well you can wait to see how he acts over the next day or so when you're around. If's he a bit distant, or deliberately avoiding eye or social contact, then yeah, he's creeped out. If he still acts like his regular self around you, then he didn't notice. BUT, if he DID notice and is more reactive to you then that means he wants to pursue something. "Creepiness" is only creepy to those that aren't receptive to whatever it was. For instance, if I caught a girl I thought was attractive or cute "creeping" on me... I'd be way more receptive to her in hopes of getting a date.

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