What am I doing wrong?

I met a girl named Courtney. We became cool, and this year even cooler. We did a choir field trip, and she was asking me to hang and chill and all this stuff. Me and her even went to see a play with another friend. It was cool, but we never got super close. Anyway, I always noticed her coming up to me, talking to. me, touching me, bending over in front of me, stuff like that. At this ceremony, she complemented my shirt and touched me, and it was fun. Then, eventually I was walking in the hallway and she grabbed my arm and squeezed it. Then, I asked her to hang and watch movies twice, and she said yes. But my aunt had gotten sick, so I could never follow through with the plans. I could tell she was dissapointed. It sucked. My aunt eventually died, and I thought she would understand, but I dont know. I talked to her a few days after she passed, explained kinda what happened, and she was blushing hard. I also texted her, Whahe didn't text back three times, I don't know why. Recentley, I see her looking at me still, like all the time, just staring. I dont know what to do next please help me. I know she liked me, and prolly still does, just dont know what im doing wrong P. S. i did a show last noght and it was a song aboit her and she knew it. She texted me and said i did great and i said she was great also. I texted her today and asked her what she was up to later on this week, no reply. Why didn't she reply? Am i too desperate? Is she getting back at me? Am i too eager?


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  • I don't think you did anything wrong. Just give her some time.


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