Cute sweet things to do for your boyfriend?

Alright so what's something a girl or guy has done for you? Or you have done for them? Gifts, dates, whatever it is? I need new interesting ideas please and thank you!


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  • My ex wrote a bunch of notes and hid them all over my room. I'm still finding them.

    • Are some of them just really strange to just mess with your head

      Like you find a note under your dresser and when you open it it says, "I pretend not to notice when you fart" or "I'm not going to tell you what your nose does when you smile..."

    • @Octavion, no they were all quite sweet.

    • That's actually a really good idea. I'll probably do mostly sweet and romantic ones but I'll hide a couple of just really random messages as well as a joke.

  • Rose petals, anyone? :D <3

    • That is so cliché! Also smelly and difficult to clean up.

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