Boyfriend going to australia for a year for work?

What do I do? We're both HEAD OVER HEELS in love with each other.. known each other all our lives, same culture and all. Our parents like each other. He actually wants to get engaged before he leaves (culturally, engagement isn't a surprise) but my parents won't let me go with him? I just want to support him and be there through this journey. I am 20 by the way. What do I do?


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  • It really makes no difference if you are 20 if you could get a job while you are over there. Honestly screw what your parents say, they lost privilege of controlling you at 18

    • I agree. Its just that they're pretty traditional (middle eastern) and care about family honor and what people would think and all that.. but I am the happiest with him and my heart says this is so so sooo righht

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  • Try to make it work long distance?


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