Am I Overreacting?

There's this girl that my boyfriend looks up to a lot ( academically speaking) he sees her like a role model. He indirectly told me that since she keeps up with her work more she's more reliable than I am. I felt a little jealous, because it makes me feel "lesser" like I'm not good enough/ smart enough/ I'm not someone he looks up to. We had a little incident where the girl had said that we had a project due a certain day. ( we're seniors in hs) and I told him that she was wrong that the project was going to be due another day. He didn't believe me. I asked him why and he said "because marayda said so" & I told him well she's wrong and he said "no she isn't".. I asked him why he trusted her more than me and he replied "because it's MARAYDA". I kind of got mad and hurt that he relies on her more. Is it ok if he looks up to another girl more than me? am I just overreacting/jealous?


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  • He just sees her as a very smart girl who can be useful for him. Not a pretty one much less sexual attraction. Don't worry he is just playing it safe with his grades.


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  • Well you have a right to your feelings i think you should just have talked to him explained how him saying things like that kinda of put you down but if its true then it should make you wanna do more so your the one he's counting on and as for being jealous don't he's not cheating he just happens to know you probably don't know some things school wise and maybe he looks up to this girl like you said because she has good grades what are your grades like see if there is truth in what he said if there is then you need to humble yourself and realize he reached out to her for help that's it. About that assignment due date who was right you or her? give him some slack go and apologize but still tell him how it made you feel hope this helped


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  • I think you are. Just relax!


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