Should I just tell him that I like him?

Well lets just say, i think he is sorta interested in me, i just get the vibe and everyone else thinks so to especially when he stares at me, but he thinks i like his best friend but i don't like his best friend.
The only reason i haven't flirted or showed interest is because he just gotten out of a relationship 3 months ago and he isn't ready for a relationship and is not searching but he said if it happens he will let t happen. We are all friends by the way so i didn't tell him i liked him i just asked him and his friends a question i read in a magazine.


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What Guys Said 1

  • It'd make you fell better

    • Yes true, and even if he doesn't have the same feelings i will be happy honestly because he is a great friend and then i can stop worrying and wondering

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes. Tell him.


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