Why did he get angry at me, when I said to him that I loved him?

This married guy, has been flirting with me and trying to have sex with me for 5 years. I haven't wanted to do any of that cause he had a wife and a kid. I always had a crush on him and on the last year I've fallen in love with him unbeknownst to him. A few months ago he asked me out on a date, which I all stupid and hormone ridden accepted. We had this long passionate kiss, the best kiss of my life really and he hugged me and sniffed my hair so as to never forget me. We went out on a second date and we talked for hours and then at the end he told me that that was all he could offer and that he couldnt give more, to which I answered that I couldnt continue seeing him because I loved him and would want more myself. He was angry and furious and he got angrier when I told him that I loved him. For me that is very odd. How can a person get angry and feel insulted when someone else tells them that they love them? Why couldnt he just accept it, say he was sorry I felt that way and kindly leave me alone?


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  • Maybe you telling how you felt made him realise what he has been doing... Going behind his wife's back and the hurt that it would cause her... Let alone the hurt you would go through... He obviously isn't too happy with his current life so was possibly trying to have a secret one with a lack of emotion but a lot of fun... Would you be able to trust him if you ever got together? Would you not constantly think he would be going out and talking to another girl? I could never trust anyone that did this...

    • True to that. I would never be able to trust him. When I think about it, it kind of sucks being her.

    • I've just read a few of the other people's comments. Don't for for instance think you were selfish! He is the one in a relationship not you! It's very easy to be attached to someone who gives mystery and makes you feel special, it's always easy to judge when your not in the situation,,, okay dating him probably wasn't the best idea but it was a sense of adventure.. Don't let people put you down, he deserves the abuse not you!

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  • He's stepping out on his wife, so his emotions will be all over the map. What on Earth possessed you to date a married man


    • Im an idiot. That was why. He isn't married to her, but considering that they live together and he decided to stay with her when she got pregnant without his consent, he is basically married. Also after a series of horrible dates, I wanted to Kiss him and date someone I was actually attracted to. We can sumarize it as this, I was being a selfish person.

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  • He's angry because he was hoping you'd agree to be the side chick and it didn't work out because SURPRISE he doesn't have feelings for you, he just wants to fuck you.

    Well when you go out with a married man you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

    "A few months ago he asked me out on a date, which I all stupid and hormone ridden accepted"

    Oh boo hoo.

    • Im not throwing a fit. Im just surprised someone would be that pissed at not getting any side ass.

    • You're surprised that a guy who is douchey enough to ask you on a date even though he has a wife... would throw a tantrum when you tell him he just wasted time and energy trying to get into your pants and he won't get anything out of it

      Duh he's mad, he's a douchebag.

  • First things first if u know a mans in a relationship with another woman u dont go there atall... rule one of how to not be a home wrecking biatch...
    Weather by law they are married or not it still doesn't justify it... and how a woman can get herself pregnant without his consent... what did she do a double flip n accidentally fall on his dick... if he was with his wife n they got pregnant it takes two to tango...
    Eighther way ur in the wrong when a wife or even girlfriend and kids come into it u back the fuck away...
    As gor him getting mad... he got his hopes up tjinking he was going to have it easy... ad u had already give of that impression from excepting that first date already nowing the situation

    • You think I threw myself at him? He had been flirting with me flor 5 fucking years, while I told him several times to back off. These married assholes look for it. He will not sleep with me bit he will look for other suckers to take the load. I did the wait and see what happens before doing anything stupid.

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